At MHC, we have been providing tailored services to international clients for over 15 years

We are a privately-owned aviation consultancy firm with a multitude of staff from various backgrounds who are highly trained and qualified to cover a variety of requests. These areas include Recruitment, Background Check, HR, Payroll & Insurance which are provided to numerous clients.

MHC constitutes of several teams, all made of skilled and determined individuals always striving to go above and beyond what is expected. All members of our team consistently thrive with their commitment, showing endless dedication to their roles.

Our teams have a real passion for a personal approach by regularly meeting our clients and staff to get a real understanding of any precise requirements and daily demands. With all our client’s individual needs, we have shown the outstanding ability to run several accustomed projects simultaneously.

Whether you are looking for a new provider or are looking to outsource, our dedicated staff can provide a unique perspective and endless support where and when you need it most. Team up with MHC’s devoted and distinguished network and you can explore what this means for you.


Each experienced recruitment consultant is confident in sourcing high quality candidates for a variety of roles primarily in the aviation sector.

The team of skilful recruiters use customised solutions for each client and with their intensive screening processes they ensure standards are met to fully accommodate our client’s commitments.   

We offer clients full access to our recruitment systems giving full insight to the candidate selection process if preferred. We allow our clients extended control and the opportunity to be involved in making some of those important decisions.

We Specialise in:

Background Check and Compliance

The background check requirements for an airside pass are one of the most extensive forms of vetting in the private sector. The process requires thorough accuracy with no room for error. MHC’s dedicated team are specialist in their field. They provide trusted advice and are committed to working parallel with your teams.

We encourage open working partnerships by instilling confidence and peace of mind to ensure we can fulfil any of your background screening requirements. We ensure all our candidates meet requirements of the airport authorities, CAA and DfT standards.

This includes but is not limited to:

Payroll & Contracting

The payroll professionals on hand are experienced in ensuring that compliance with International regulations are always followed. We are accustomed to operating in multiple currencies, meaning international staff can be paid no matter where they are based.

The team are experts with dynamic and complex payroll services giving total peace of mind by ensuring your specified requirements are at the heart of our implementation plan.

Experience in:

Human Resources

The HR team are qualified and skilled HR Specialists who are trained to deal with all levels of involvement within client requests. We can offer a hands-on approach, by becoming your full HR presence or are able to offer support and mentoring to the HR staff already present within your business.

We understand that no two companies are the same, so we ensure our teams are trained to comply with international legislation’s, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our HR services are limitless but here’s a few of what we offer:


Each policy is designed to offer the most bespoke insurance packages, ensuring the highest level of service and claim management when its needed most.

The teams work hard making sure our clients are offered the most premium packages, providing confidence and security throughout. We adjust our approach based on client necessity and suitability making sure we understand what matters most, putting you as a priority.

Insurance Packages can include but are not limited by the following:


Our recruitment consultants dedicate themselves to source the best talent, best fit for your business.

Our extensive experience within aviation, knowledge with international legislation’s and innovative solutions to complex requests allows us to give your business the best support when its needed most.